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We said goodbye to another show this weekend. Thanks for a great run, #cnypwitness!
04 Oct, 2016
The Court Clerk was apparently taking very organized notes. Please note "zaid zo" in German accent. #cnypwitness
02 Oct, 2016
Great crowd tonight for #cnypwitness. Last chance to join us is tomorrow!
01 Oct, 2016
Final weekend of #cnypwitness starts tonight!
29 Sep, 2016
#cnypwitness is all smiles backstage, even though onstage there's a murder trial going on....
17 Sep, 2016
There's several jokes in here; someone else can find them. Happy opening to the kids at #cnypwitness! I'll see you tomorrow.
16 Sep, 2016
Backstage at #cnypwitness! Director Sharee and cast members Glenda and Rich.
15 Sep, 2016
: notes, notes, notes, notes notes notes, errybody! The lovely Director, Sharee! #cnypwitness
14 Sep, 2016
: Greta, taking a break from reading about Mr. Leonard Vole in the papers. #cnypwitness
14 Sep, 2016
: the infamous (#brucecoville), Dr Taylor Wyatt, looking over his notes of the crime scene concerning the Late Miss Emily French Case #cnypwitness (He's also, keeping guard of the locker; You don't want to see that crime scene.....) @misscowfluff
14 Sep, 2016
: yes, leonard, please let us hear your side of the story..... #cnypwitness
14 Sep, 2016
: Alicia Cobb here, Storming the CNYP castle for Witness for the Prosecution's tech week! @misscowfluff #cnypwitness
13 Sep, 2016
Late night texts from the Scenic Coordinator - @lupiachristopher and the team are working hard on #cnypwitness set this weekend!
03 Sep, 2016
#regram from @lizz_erinn : stage management survival kit including coffee, fried wontons, and line notes. #cnypwitness
30 Aug, 2016
It never stops here - #cnypwasp is rehearsing upstairs and downstairs, our September show (Witness for the Prosecution)! #cnypwitness
10 Aug, 2016