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When @mtishows asked us to send photos of #CNYP1776 to celebrate #1776turns50 I got to look back at my second show with CNYP and perhaps my favorite show with CNYP. I’ll be back in Philadelphia someday
16 Mar, 2019
This week on #theliamandlizzyshow #gueststarringJacob #nationalselfieday #oldgrandmaellison #cnyp1776 #fromthearchives #weretheworst
21 Jun, 2018
Seeing all these #CNYP1776 things on my Timehop makes me really happy and sad and nostalgic. This show was so many things for me. At a very basic level, it surrounded me with a group of the kindest people during a summer when I really needed kindness....
15 Jun, 2017
Happy #nationalthomasjeffersonday to my Tom! ❤️ #cnyp1776 #lovemartha #heplaystheviolin #hididdlediddle
13 Apr, 2017
It's Thomas Jefferson's birthday. #tbt to when I hung out with him for awhile. #CNYP1776
13 Apr, 2017
Several people have told me I look similar to human Beast. Thanks to Dan Stevens for having those BLUER THAN REAL LIFE eyes, my learning how to contour my big old Irish Schnoz into something stronger and Patrician, and Harlow for basically putting my in P...
04 Apr, 2017
On the latest episode of "The Liam and Lizzy show.." #CNYP1776 #SHOOOOEES #Lizzard #AlternatePasta #TYFTL
20 Mar, 2017
These will haunt me for the rest of my days. #cnyp1776
28 Jan, 2017
We celebrated Independence Day the right way this summer! Congrats to Kasey, Rob, Liam, Harlow, Greg, and the whole #cnyp1776 team on a wonderful show and your SALT nominations. #happysalttime #cnypsalts16
27 Oct, 2016
Cleaning out my phone. Found this old chestnut. Just some Easter eggs for my Lizzard. #CNYP1776 #FBF
07 Oct, 2016
#tbt to that time I spent a few months stage managing these mugs. #cnyp1776 #syracuseoperamfl
08 Sep, 2016
#cnyp1776 returns tonight at 8. Call 315 885 8960 or purchase tix at
21 Jul, 2016
One last #Jefferselfie. I'll honestly miss Tom. I really grew to love playing him. Digging into his conflict and finding a lot of personal parallels. I'm very thankful to have gotten to play this part in this lovely little show. Which was by no means ACTU...
05 Jul, 2016
I mean.. We had to.. #BeautyandtheBeast #MarthaandTom #CNYP1776 #Happy4th
05 Jul, 2016
The crowds have been huge at #cnyp1776 come see me work em for the last time 8pm tonight
02 Jul, 2016
Not another Pit Selfie! Yes. Another.
02 Jul, 2016
Thank god for @bobbiepinzdotcom. I'll admit it was my fault for letting it get this bad. Ben Franklin's wig is the front weft and hairline cut out of a wig held on only by spirit gum and I haven't been cleaning it after every show. But, after three dress ...
01 Jul, 2016
#TIP #Thursdayintermissionpic #curlyhair #CNYP1776 #ThomasJefferson
01 Jul, 2016
I don't think we have enough people here tonight.
01 Jul, 2016
I love when people sign in but even more when they make me smile.
30 Jun, 2016