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Ily’s class photo. #houseojeda #missilygrace #cmcswarriors
17 Oct, 2019
Billy’s class photo. #duchennevictor #houseojeda #billyojeda #cmcswarriors
17 Oct, 2019
Warriors! This year we are doing a Glow Run Fundraiser! Our fundraiser will begin Nov. 12 and our Glow Run will be Friday, Nov. 22. Preschool - 8th Graders will be participating. Mark your calendar today! #cmcswarriors #christianschool
11 Oct, 2019
They say the “apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Proud of my sweet Ily for receiving the Outstanding Technology Award! #houseojeda #missilygrace #cmcswarriors
10 Oct, 2019
Decades day was loads of fun! ✌
04 Oct, 2019
Preschool & Elementary Families! Family Movie Night is next Friday, Oct. 11th! We will have raffle tickets and concessions available for purchase that evening.
04 Oct, 2019
TV/Movie Character Day was a success!
03 Oct, 2019
Sports Day was a hit! ⚽️
02 Oct, 2019
Elementary students rocked Skater/Surfer Day today!
01 Oct, 2019
Today our 4th graders created a melody and gave a title and lyrics to it! They played the song on their recorders. According to Mr. Lybeck, we might have some Grammy winners for the new song Happy Potatoes! #cmcswarriors #christianschool
01 Oct, 2019
Spirit Week is off to a great start! We saw some amazing mismatching today.
30 Sep, 2019
Our Elementary ASB kiddos have been hard at work giving speeches and planning our first spirit week! They’re doing great work!
27 Sep, 2019
Miss Carlson’s class did an amazing job sharing their chapel with us last week! #cmcswarriors #christianschool
18 Sep, 2019
Preschool & Elementary Families! Save the Date! Family Movie Night is FREE! More information coming soon.
13 Sep, 2019
Elementary Families! Take a look at our PTF Events this year. We’re excited for all the fun we’ll have!
13 Sep, 2019
“Air” Ily playing with her friends. #houseojeda #cmcswarriors
29 Aug, 2019
Little Billy and Miss Curwood. Last day of school. #HouseOjeda #cmcselementary #cmcswarriors
25 May, 2019
Ily and Miss Thompson. Last day of school. #cmcselementary #cmcswarriors #HouseOjeda
25 May, 2019