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christianbook unboxing haul + setting up our bibles
OPENNNNNN MEEE! :D Hey ngosyfam! So this day we got our package from! We are starting our spiritual journey and can't wait to grow our ...
09 Oct, 2018 Small Book Haul
In this video, I share a few items I purchased from with a free shipping code. Some of the items were listed as damaged and others I ...
05 Oct, 2018
Math curriculum ChristianBook last-minute school supplies HAUL
Target #MathCurriculum #HorizonsMath #schoolsupplies #Crayola #Haul #TheWellTrainedMind #Homeschool #Vlog #Shopping This is a ...
18 Aug, 2018 Bible Imprinting
Make it Personal! Here's how to add imprinting to your Bible: - Choose from our selection of imprintable Bibles* and add your favorite(s) to your shopping cart ...
15 Aug, 2018
May Book Haul | Our Daily Bread, Joyce Meyer & Christian Book {Part 1}
Hello Gems! I am here to share with you all my May book haul. I'm starting off with all the books that I've purchased at discounted prices! Thanks for watching ...
29 May, 2018
Please visit to see a list of all products. This is an unboxing of order. All of the books we will be using in our ...
26 Mar, 2018 Unboxing: The Thorn (DVD)
New videos will upload on Tuesday @ 4 P.M. CST. Unboxing Geek: Sorasky23:
20 Feb, 2018 Unboxing: Jonah - The Musical (DVD)
New videos will upload on Tuesday @ 4 P.M. CST. Unboxing Geek: Sorasky23:
13 Feb, 2018
9, Shopping Haul (Dollar Tree,, &
Hi guys! Just a few things I found at my favorite store (Dollar Tree) and a few things that came in the mail that I purchased online from Michael's and ...
17 Dec, 2017
Christian Book . Com HAUL ! & Unboxing !
Everything I bought can be found in the link below ! Please keep in mind that some prices may have changed since I bought ...
12 Dec, 2017
Sonlight-Christian Book-Usborne Homeschool Haul August 2017
Today, I show you guys a HUGE homeschool haul of goodness. We were super excited to get the last of our curricula. Follow me on Instagram: ...
25 Aug, 2017 Tested to God's Word
In this video we warn about the dangers of the many false teachers offered by Read the full article ...
21 May, 2017
Haul from
I wasn't planning on this video today but decided to do it since I got the stuff in the mail. I look a mess, so forgive that please.
01 Mar, 2017
Steven Curtis Chapman - Thank you
A special thanks for our customers from Steven Curtis Chapman! If you haven't yet, check out Worship And Believe: ...
14 Jan, 2017 Haul and Ideas: Cards and Planners!
Thanks for watching, everyone! Let me know if you shop on this website, too! :) email: [email protected] snail mail: Grace Kang P.O. Box 660081 Arcadia, ...
07 Jan, 2017
Spectrum Workbooks | Unboxing | Homeschool Curriculum
In this episode of Apple Tree Homeschool Academy, we are unboxing an order of Spectrum Workbooks (published by Carson-Dellosa), which was ordered ...
08 Dec, 2016 DVD Haul - Veggie Tales, Last Chance Detectives, Lewis Family
Here I show you a small haul of DVDs that I ordered from For those who don't know, (Christian Book Distributors) sell all ...
08 Dec, 2016
Gently Flipping thru Catalog
Please use headphones Be blessed‼
06 Nov, 2016 - Homeschooling Organizational Tool
At, we want to make homeschooling as simple as possible. We not only want you to be able to easily find and discover the curriculum and ...
18 Oct, 2016
Christian Book Haul Almost ready to start school. Its getting so close! Visit my blog: Usborne ...
04 Aug, 2016

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