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'' captain zoom '' - i really want you - 1965.
they were from richmand and were : ron Cornelius/joe davis/robin reich and gary Vasquez....releasing a few singles but I think this is the best a nice folk-rocker ...
18 Feb, 2019
Happy Birthday Samantha from Captain Zoom
Captain Zoom cassette.
28 Nov, 2017
Happy Birthday, Alex (Captain Zoom's Birthday Song)
Week 44 This is a spaced out birthday message from Captain Zoom to Alex.
10 Nov, 2017
Happy Birthday, Elizabeth from Captain Zoom
His name is zoom and he lives on the moon...
21 Sep, 2017
Zoom vs Connor
Recorded by DU Recorder – Screen recorder for Android.
17 Sep, 2017
Captain Zoom contre Ténébrax
Parodie des serials et vieux films de superhéros (entre autres !). Court-métrage réalisé entre potes avec zéro budget.
10 Sep, 2017
Captain Zoom Happy Birthday Kevyn (Kevin)
Captain Zoom Happy Birthday Kevyn (Kevin)
17 Mar, 2017
Robbie's Captain Zoom Birthday Song #2
Video Upload powered by https://www.TunesToTube.com.
10 Jan, 2017
CAPTAIN ZOOM aka DANIEL RIORDAN. A very intense 10 minutes with the fun Hollywood voice over actor. #theggcartuneshow #allaccialecinturesicanta ...
22 Oct, 2016
Birthday greetings from Captain Zoom
Happy Birthday Ryan!
11 Sep, 2016
WHO IS CAPTAIN ZOOM? | VLOG #77 | June 7 | 2016
Jonah "Attempts" to Vlog, Cara Talks About the Amazingness of Captain Zoom & We Prepare for Some 3rd Birthday SHENANIGANS by Buying EVERYTHING at ...
08 Jun, 2016
Kara Birthday- Captain Zoom
Happy birthday, Kara! From your family and Captain Zoom!
30 Dec, 2014
Zoom - Trailer
Jack Shepard a.k.a. "Zoom" is an out-of-shape auto shop owner, far removed from the man who once protected the world's freedom. Reluctantly called back into ...
03 Jul, 2014
Captain Zoom - Emily
Captain Zoom birthday song and video for Emily.
11 Mar, 2014
"captain zoom.robbie" Fan Video
Happy Birthday Robbie Created using Video Star: http://VideoStarApp.com/FREE.
15 Dec, 2013
Captain Zoom Happy Birthday Daniel
Captain Zoom Happy Birthday Daniel.
12 Nov, 2013
Captain Zoom Birthday Song ("Big Guy" version.)
Since 1976, Captain Zoom has been selling his unique brand of personalized birthday songs to children all over. Back in my day, you'd buy them on a flexi-disc ...
29 Oct, 2013
My Secret Obsession with Captain Zoom
Hollie Schultz of Baby Gizmo (http://www.babygizmo.com) shares her secret obsession with Captain Zoom. Please Subscribe to our videos: ...
08 Apr, 2013
Captain Zoom "Happy Birthday, Timothy"
Happy Birthday, Son!! I Love You, Mom!
19 Nov, 2012
Adventures of Captain Zoom - 5 of 5
part 5 If you liked this contact MCA/Universal and see if they will release it on DVD.
31 Oct, 2012

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