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Patreon & CafePress: The Scambaiters Thank You For Your Support!
Hi folks, Thanks so much for helping us get rolling! When we first started, all we had was one video with no memes or captioning. We're starting to go in the ...
21 Jun, 2017
I Have a Store! - My Experience with CafePress
This past week readers on Facebook and Instagram asked if I had stickers with my logo for sale. The ones I had on hand were printed for personal use and I had ...
07 Jun, 2017
CafePress - KevinMaylesArt
31 May, 2017
Ducks & Lots of Rain #13 1,000+ Ducks
50 Ducks Merchandise ▷Support via Patreon ▷Donate One Time or ...
05 May, 2017
CafePress Launch
CafePress Launch I am excited to announce my new CafePress Shop at My initial offering are black ...
01 Apr, 2017
2017 Getting Started with CafePress 6: Using the Image Basket
Using the My Designs section of CafePress is easy, but lacks in some simple organization. In this video I'll show you how to find and use the older Image Basket ...
27 Mar, 2017
2017 Getting Started with CafePress 5: Full Bleed Designs
This video is an introduction to working with full bleed images on CafePress. Put your designs on iPhone case, bags, shower curtains, stickers, button and more.
08 Mar, 2017
Stage Manager Gifts - Available at CafePress
Visit: for great gifts for your Stage Manager. Let's face it, the Stage Manager is the hardest working person in the theatre ...
01 Mar, 2017
Sell your art and make money online [ ]
Cum sa faci bani din fotografii,desene,picturi,texte. Click to buy my art: Facebook page: ...
23 Feb, 2017
CafePress Pro-Tip: Tagging Designs and Getting Them Seen
Whether you're new to CafePress or a seasoned seller, there is always something you can learn to help get your designs seen in the CP Marketplace. Here's a ...
17 Feb, 2017
2017 Getting Started with CafePress 4: Uploading Designs
Upload your designs to CafePress for free. In this video I'll show you how to use the My Designs section to upload and manage your graphics. Make sure you ...
09 Feb, 2017
2017 Getting Started with CafePress 3: Graphics Recommendations & Tips
In this video I share a few quick tips and recommendations about working with graphics for CafePress. I talk about the difference between no bleed and full bleed ...
17 Jan, 2017
CafePress Product Review: 15oz Large Gilmore Girls Mug
Check out the cool Gilmore Girls Luke's Diner mug I got from CafePress. Get the mug here:
05 Jan, 2017
2017 Getting Started with CafePress 2: Maximize Commissions
2018 UPDATE (5/1/2018) CafePress has done away with the Sales Quality Score! We no longer need to follow anyone or be followed. But everything else I talk ...
03 Jan, 2017

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