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What an amazing Town Meeting performance on Friday from Mr. Brian and Mr. Gopal Niroula featuring 3rd grade sarangi students. Gopal played the tabla and bansuri and spoke about how he learned! Thank you to both performers and @youngtraditionvt as well as ...
27 Sep, 2022
Flynn Artists are “Stretching and Exploring“ materials in the painting and drawing centers while decorating portfolios. #teachingforartisticbehavior, #tabteachersofinstagram, #bsdvt
25 Sep, 2022
Words matter. Descriptive and directive language to guide someone in making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Effective communication requires important details. #peanutbutterandjelly #effectivecommunication #ela #bsdvt
23 Sep, 2022
Solving a “Murder” at OnTop #murdermystery #bsdvt
22 Sep, 2022
BHS/BTC is being designed to be open, sustainable, flexible, accessible, and vibrant. Ballots will be mailed next week and the polls will be open on November 8. Don't forget to vote! Click the link in the bio to learn more about the need for this new buil...
22 Sep, 2022
"Connection to the outdoors" was a theme heard repeatedly through our predesign work. Thank you Freeman French Freeman, DRA, and CLA for listening. Learn more at or join us at the BHS/BTC 2025 Town Hall Wednesday, Sept....
20 Sep, 2022
Kindergartners investigated the art element LINE in our studio this week. #bsdvt, #teachingforartisticbehavior, #tabteachersofinstagram
17 Sep, 2022
Ice cream social to celebrate the first full week of school. Off to a great start!!! #bsdvt #icecream
17 Sep, 2022
Spray painting positivity. Art project on community values. #bsdvt #values #community
16 Sep, 2022
Intro to College and Careers on campus at Horizons. Exploring identity and what is possible after high school. @ccv_vermont #bsdvt #WhoAmI
10 Sep, 2022
Creative ways to explore identity at Horizons #bsdvt #legos #knitting #WhoAmI
10 Sep, 2022
Exploring drawing tools and techniques around the classroom this week. Every table had a different material to try. #bsdvt #teachingforartisticbehavior #tabteachersofinstagram
10 Sep, 2022
Art 2 collaborative portrait project comes together. We mixed values of one color and then painted tiny sections of an artist’s portrait. Now assembled and hanging up for all to see! Bonus points if you can name the artists! #bsdvt #burlingtonhighschoolar...
09 Sep, 2022
This Week in Sport - 9/6-9/10: Ace says pop out to some games this week at #TheReef #SeahorsePride #GOSEAHORSES #BSDVT #BSDVTAthletics
06 Sep, 2022
What better way to start off the year then with a party! Older students had a task party: take a task, do it, write a task, repeat! Younger students had a block party. As usual, creative problem solving was abundant. #bsdvt
04 Sep, 2022
Welcome back SA community! We look forward to working together to make this school year a great one. #bsdvt #vted
03 Sep, 2022
Great first day! Working to redefine how school is experienced and perceived. Lots of unlearning to do. #community #bsdvt #firstdayofschool #bigpicturelearning
02 Sep, 2022
Ace says pop out to support our field hockey and girls volleyball programs on #openingday after our All-School Assembly at the Flynn! #SeahorsePride #GOSEAHORSES #BSDVT #BSDVTAthletics #vthsfallsports @seahorsespirit802 @seahorsepride @bhssuperfans2 @btvs...
02 Sep, 2022
Art 2 students working together to create a large portrait of….you’ll have to wait and see after we get the paint out! #bsdvt #arteducation
02 Sep, 2022
Superintendent Flanangan welcomed secondary teachers back this morning alongside @trussleadership. This year’s main professional learning strand for secondary educators will revolve around culturally responsive and anti-racist teaching strategies! #togeth...
29 Aug, 2022