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Can't believe it's been 5 years since seeing this beautiful face.
15 Oct, 2021
He must have known I was thinking about him today
20 Apr, 2021
Happy would-be 8th birthday to the light of our lives, Jack James.
26 Feb, 2021
Day 4 of 6 of #WorldKindnessWeek #2020 #blueforjackjames check out my neighborhood and the kindness that radiates from it!
12 Nov, 2020
Welcome to DAY 2 of 6 of #WorldKindnessWeek. Today’s focus is kindness to animals. Here are our three daily suggestions for how you can give animals the love they deserve. Pick 1: Stand up for animal rights There are many worthwhile causes to help preve...
09 Nov, 2020
KINDheART Day 1 Kick Off #WorldKindnessWeek with activities to find meaning in art through acts of kindness. Some ideas; 1: Support local artists! 2: Unite in the dance for kindness 3: Read a book on Kindness. Check back each day for our next theme. #Ki...
08 Nov, 2020
World Kindness Week is almost here! I hope you join in! #WorldKindnessWeek #2020 #blueforjackjames
05 Nov, 2020
Today I'm wearing blue for Jack James. #jackfoundation #blueforjackjames
15 Oct, 2020
We've been missing your smile for 4 years now, Jack.
15 Oct, 2020
4 years without your contagious smile and laughter, however in those four years you’ve accomplished so much by inspiring people
15 Oct, 2020
Playground built in memory of 3-year-old Jack Heiligman
20 Aug, 2020
Happy Sunday ❤️
19 Jul, 2020
Jack's Place, Webster is NOW OPEN!
17 Jul, 2020
2nd Jack's Place in Webster will be open SO SOON (hopefully next week
13 Jul, 2020
beautiful evening on the water #blueforjackjames
07 Jul, 2020
Saw Grandma AND Jack today
02 Jul, 2020
Happy 7th Birthday Jack! You are missed so much, but we think about you everyday.
26 Feb, 2020
Today we remember Jack on his 7th birthday.
26 Feb, 2020
Paying it forward to a couple of cars at @dunkin this morning.
26 Feb, 2020