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Ajumma's spring tour in Gyeongju|Filipina Ajumma's in Korea|BengFamily tv #gyeongju #spring
After 2 years since pandemic me and my friends went to gyeongju for a tour without the kids.Sometimes all we need is a little ...
17 Oct, 2022
Spring vlog mostly in the beaches|Beaches of South Korea|BengFamily tv #beach
As a parents, we understand that we are caught up with a lot of things to do and things to think of. But we remember that our ...
22 May, 2022
Harvesting wild mugwort alongside the hill|Soybean paste soup with mugwort|BengFamily tv
Went to gadeokdo island, harvest some organic mugwort alongside the hills..It was fun but we got so many scratches on our ...
18 Mar, 2022
Amazing view of Imgyeongdae part of Yangsan province| BengFamily tv
Imgyeongdae is an observation deck and 19th top rated tourist attraction in Yangsan So. korea. BengFamily tv Overnight Camping ...
27 Dec, 2021
Out now on all plot farms #bengfamily#@kontrolthetown
31 May, 2021
Went up to the top of Gadeokdo Yendaebong Mountain 가덕도 연대봉| BengFamily tv
Yeondaebong is one of the highest mountain of busan and it rises in the middle of the sea...It was tiring but it's fulfilling when whe ...
04 May, 2021
How to make simple Green Onion Kimchi 파 김치| BengFamily tv
BengFamily tv Beef porridge How to make Bibimpap
02 May, 2021
Weekend at Dadaepo beach|Samrak Park|BengFamily tv
Nag request ang mga bata pupunta sa tabing dagat kasi lagi nalang daw sa bundok kami umaakyat.. Maganda yong timing ...
27 Apr, 2021
Om Swastiastu... Ngaturan sembah pangubakti ring Sanggah Kemulan lan Sanggah Gede, dumogi sareng sami ngamolihang Kesukertan, Kerahayuan lan Kerahajengan.
24 Apr, 2021
Our Sunday at Cheonseong Gadeokdo 천성 가덕도| BengFamily tv
Our kids love outdoor activities..Granting thier request to go to the beach or anywhere thas has water to play..Spending time with ...
20 Apr, 2021
Daily life in korea with 3 kids| Mother of three| BengFamily tv
These are some of our daily life here in korea.. Fighting!!!ajajaaja.. -Worry ends where faith in God begins- Morning walk at ...
20 Apr, 2021
Morning view of Cheonseong Port Gadeokdo 천성 가덕도|BengFamily tv
Music: Shoulder Musician: Gabriel URL:
20 Apr, 2021
Morning walk at Dadaepo 다대포 Beach and Park| BengFamily tv
Walking on the beach helps reduce stress, relaxing, strengthen joint muscle and burn calories. Had been my me time after ...
17 Apr, 2021
Fried rice bokkeumbap 볶음밥 | BengFamily tv
BengFamily tv.
13 Apr, 2021
Kor-phil kids eat Filipino food|BengFamily tv
I always let them try everytime I cooked Filipino food..And they really love to eat pinoy food..
13 Apr, 2021
How to cook beef porridge with veggies| BengFamily tv
Porridge is one of the comfort food..It is good to prepare this kind of food when someone who is not feeling well. Also perfect to eat ...
08 Apr, 2021
Relaxing view of Seunghak Mountain 승학산| BengFamily tv
BengFamily tv Music: Take It Easy Musician: LiQWYD URL:
04 Apr, 2021
My solo adventure climbing up to Seunghak Mountain 승학산| BengFamily tv
It was great experience hiking into the mountain alone..It took more than 2 hrs, almost 3 km from the house to the top..The weather ...
04 Apr, 2021