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Last night’s @caltechassociates event in NorCal was one for the memory books. Food Scientist, Harold McGee ‘72, and Caltech’s Culinary Champion and best friend to all @tnmannion at Interana. Many thanks to all who came out to engage and participate! Inter...
26 Jan, 2020
#bayareatechers first lunch of 2020! Today we were joined by Athletic Director, Betsy Mitchell, and Tom Annau (PhD '96) for an afternoon of conversation around Caltech athletics and Machine Learning. We’re here every month and next month will be very spec...
16 Jan, 2020
Last night’s @caltechassociates event at @wingtipsf was sooooo much fun! Biggest thanks to Anthony, Zach, Eric, and Brent for being such solid hosts. We will continue the tradition every holiday season so let us know if you want to be on “the list” next t...
17 Dec, 2019
"IMAGING THE UNSEEN: TAKING THE FIRST PICTURE OF A BLACK HOLE” By DR. KATIE BOUMAN It has been theorized that a black hole will leave a "shadow" on a background of hot gas. Taking a picture of this black-hole shadow could help to address a number of impo...
22 Nov, 2019
Bay Area Buddy, John Krowas, on campus to represent Alumni in Finance for HSS! #caltech #caltechalumni #bayareatechers
06 Nov, 2019
Beers & Brats at @wursthall with Tom Mannion and Tyson Mao ‘06! Everyone’s here - where are you?!
27 Oct, 2019
Northern California Associates in action last night!
27 Oct, 2019
Caltech Alumni Lunch in Silicon Valley! “HUNT, GATHER, PARENT: HOW SCIENCE BECOMES RADIO STORIES AND A STORY BECAME A BOOK" BY MICHAELEEN DOUCLEFF (BS '98) Over the past seven years, Michaeleen has become the most popular writer on NPR's Science Desk. He...
17 Oct, 2019
It’s a packed house at tonight’s FOURTH annual CANIE (Caltech Alumni Network for Innovation and Enterprise) Pitch Panel event! So much energy and enthusiasm in one room! #bayareatechers #caltech #caltechalumni #caltechimpact
04 Oct, 2019
Bay Area Techers!!! Are you already in town for Reunion Weekend and @Caltech ‘s 82rd Annual Seminar Day? Let me know if you’re around - I’d love to see you(s)!
16 May, 2019
#caltechgivingday BEGINS WITH DAVEY! Are you celebrating with Tom Mannion and myself at MoFo in San Francisco for
27 Mar, 2019
This is how #caltechalumni gift a book. #tabsplease
22 Mar, 2019
CALTECH’S GIVING DAY is fast approaching! Where will you be??? HOPEFULLY with me and Tom Mannion at MoFo in SF!! Get ready to make paper airplanes, solve puzzles, and join challenges while supporting Caltech. Gifts of any amount to anywhere on campus duri...
12 Mar, 2019
I don’t even have the words to describe #allthefeels my job gives me. Maybe I’m speechless by the awe-inspiring #caltechimpact stories I feel a part of OR it’s the #breakthroughbuzz ! (@caltechevents
10 Feb, 2019
Most problem-solving skills are learned through daily life, such as playing a challenging logic puzzle like Turing Tumble.
27 Apr, 2018
Thanks for the shoutout @caltechred ! ❤️✨ Repost @caltechred ・・・ Last night we brought Caltech to the Bay Area with #breakthroughontheroad It was an incredible evening featuring POCIT, Trustees, and inspiring Faculty members - Kevin Gilmartin, Azita Emami...
09 Apr, 2018

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