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Two groups of Cooperative line workers traveled together in December 2017 and January 2018 to bring power to the Bolivian mountain village of Chapasirca. This stunning hardbound book features hundreds of photos from the journey. It's the perfect gift for ...
13 Dec, 2018
This week, your Cooperative celebrated another successful year of safe work practices, which highlights our commitment to safety everyday! In this picture, Jim Cox, your Platte-Clay Electric Cooperative Safety Director, gives the team a huge job well done...
03 Nov, 2018
@syderzzzz and @wagnergus are out cheering on lineman at @moelectriccoops 2nd Annual Lineman’s Rodeo today! #TeamARC is proud to be a sponsor of this event!
29 Aug, 2018
A mighty purpose...
16 Aug, 2017
❗❗❗ Get $1 off in exchange for each canned food item turned in at Centennial Gate and up to $5 off an adult admission at the @mostatefair on August 15th! Let's help the too many hungry kids in Missouri together! - via our friends at @mofarmerscare...
14 Aug, 2017
Be sure to visit our @touchstoneenergy stage each day you are at the #MoStateFair this year!
12 Aug, 2017
Buddy Bear is back for the @MoStateFair again this year! Stop by and see him, and us, at the #RuralElectric building!
10 Aug, 2017
There are several elections across Missouri today. Be sure and vote if your polling stations are open!
08 Aug, 2017
Our election and credentials committee rocks! #powerinmembership #coopnation #aMemberOwner
30 Jun, 2017
A round of applause for everyone who came out to support #EPABack2Basics today at Thomas Hill!
20 Apr, 2017
THANK YOU to everyone who came out and volunteered for the #RuralElectric fish fry today! It's a great way to show our appreciation (through food) to the #MoLeg! :)
29 Mar, 2017
Gus talked social media and our #RuralElectric successes with the Institute of Missouri Cooperatives today. Thanks for the opportunity!
28 Mar, 2017
#tbt to meeting my celebrity crush Willie Wiredhand! There was a definite spark.
05 Jan, 2017
Morning on the line at Osage Valley Electric. Crews were heading in and out before sunrise in #RuralMissouri!
30 Nov, 2016
Planning the job is just as important as doing the job. #SafetyFirst
21 Nov, 2016
More #aMemberOwner stickers are rolling off the press. Head over to the link in the bio to get yours today!
15 Nov, 2016
Someone once said something about, "...through rain, sleet, and snow..." and that applies to all of our #RuralElectric employees as well!
09 Nov, 2016

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