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Telling a friend your food goals really helps! Our @vitacost order came, so we have #thehealingkitchen pizza crust for lunch. I fought off the desire for a regular pizza and used leftover turmeric garlic chicken from the #aipinstantpotcookbook and made up...
15 Feb, 2019
Another shout out to @mybigfatgrainfreelife for this North Carolina BBQ Pork recipe from the #aipinstantpotcookbook !! This will be in regular rotation. Everyone likes it and her tip makes me success with the Instant Pot.
12 Feb, 2019
UPDATE: The Giveaway Has Ended. The winners are @cheryl.small and Ladies, just send me a DM with your email addresses to claim your prize. For those of you who didn’t win, don’t despair! You can buy your very own copy through the clickabl...
31 Jan, 2019
We’ll see if my men like the Caribbean Spiced Beef by @grazedandenthused from the #aipinstantpotcookbook My friend highly recommended it. Look at all of those flavors!
29 Jan, 2019
Sunday morning vibes. @thefrostedpumpkinstitchery #happilyeveraftersal #crossstitching #thelifechangingmagicoftidyingup #littlemermaid #dunkindonuts #aipinstantpotcookbook #harrypotter #yeti
27 Jan, 2019
The last turmeric tortilla from last week with leftover Italian Beef. So this is how I will do the tortillas going forward —mix them and section them into dough balls, then keep the balls in a container in the fridge. Recipe in @squirrel_kitchen cookbook ...
22 Jan, 2019
The other day I made @squirrel_kitchen ‘s AIP turmeric tortillas. I prefer them fresh, so I kept three of the dough balls in the fridge as an experiment. Just rolled and cooked two more and filled with leftover Carolina Style BBQ Pork from @mybigfatgrainf...
17 Jan, 2019
Did you receive an instant pot over the holidays? Looking for some healthy instant pot recipes? . I have a few on my blog including: Hawaiian Instant Pot Chicken and Salt and Vinegar Brussel Sprouts
06 Jan, 2019
Been waiting since Saturday for my Black Friday deal Instant Pot (animal interference, delivery, forwarding, tracking problems
29 Nov, 2018
Making Speedy Chili from #aipinstantpotcookbook tonight. I made it last week and we decided it should be in regular rotation! I haven’t been posting much on here for awhile. I’ve been prioritizing healthy lifestyle changes this year and it’s going really...
12 Nov, 2018
AIP day 166, lunch
25 Oct, 2018
Pork Vindaloo is going down tonight thanks to having my stuff together enough to let some pork roast marinate and a little pressure cooking.
24 Oct, 2018
Cook classic #FilipinoFood faster with my new #cookbook “Instant Filipino Recipes: My Mother’s Traditional Philippine Food In a Multicooker Pot”. I’m helping make lives easier for you & busy households. My books are sold worldwide on @amazon . Or buy/down...
17 Oct, 2018
If you don’t have a copy of this cookbook yet, here is your chance to win one! Hop on over to @squirrel_kitchen’s profile for instructions on how to enter. She’ll choose the winner Friday night. Good luck!
13 Sep, 2018
Maple tamarind ribs with toasted coconut turnip greens #latergram #memorialdayweekend #madeitwithmyinstantpot #meltinyourmouth #lovemyinstantpot #nogrillbbq #autoimmunepaleo #paleo #aipinstantpotcookbook #eyedoccooks #eyedoceats
29 May, 2018
#AIPWhole30 Day 10 & all I can say is that I miss the taste of cold brew & plantain chips. Not together, though I've been known to throw some weird things together in the past. Like when I was a kid & used to dip my Olive Garden breadsticks in my soda & m...
16 May, 2018
Started with bowl of golden beets and caramelized leeks soup (from the #aipinstantpotcookbook), and topped it with left over roasted veggies, lemon dill baked salmon (#ontheblog), and pea shots.
09 Mar, 2018
UPDATE - THE GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED. The winner is @theonemay. If you didn’t win, don’t despair.
02 Mar, 2018
I was starving so I made like 3 sides along with the main dish. That’s Instapot Tamrind Ribs from #aipinstantpotcookbook , Grape Bruschetta from #hewontknowitspaleocookbook , roasted asparagus, and sautéed onions. Now I’m just trying to starve our the sug...
26 Feb, 2018