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Motorboating those babies must be a full time job
14 Jan, 2022
Top of the morning to ya
13 Jan, 2022
Throwback to when I interned on the Elf stop motion Christmas special at Screen Novelties! I mostly assembled tiny elf parts, but my favorite thing was dressing background characters. I made one that looked like Groucho Marx, and no one must have notice...
23 Dec, 2021
Why should Santa be the only one cumming this Christmas?
21 Dec, 2021
The risks are clear
18 Dec, 2021
Law Enforcement Agencies shouldn't have social media pages lol Or exist lol #aintiastinker #ftp #acab #allcopsarederekchauvin #allcopsaretrump #acabincludeskamala
12 Dec, 2021
Super cool return from Bugs Bunny himself @jeffbergmanofficial with tons of inscriptions all over the box. Also hooked it up with an signed 8x10 photo, a lego mini figure and a letter back to me. Awesome to have gotten it back having watched looney toons ...
06 Nov, 2021
This is how I replied to someone on #grindr
29 Oct, 2021