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Gave my first @TED talk - made a (tiny) mark in MIT history and rap history - for the first time, MIT featured my rap at graduation during pre-commencement ceremony -- the song is 'MIT' by yours truly
03 Jul, 2020
Congratulations to our graduating MIT senior speakers! We are so lucky to have had them speak at our first ever student-faculty event Check out their talks below! #TEDxMIT #TEDx #TEDtalks @mitpics @mit_dmse @miteecs @mitstudents Talia's talk: https://ww...
29 May, 2020
Learn about LIGO and steps being made towards cosmic exploration with MIT Astrophysicit and Associate Head of Physics Dept Nergis Mavalvala #TEDxMIT #TEDx #TEDtalks #WomenInSTEM #LIGO @physicsmit @mitaeroastro
15 May, 2020
TEDx inspired talk delivered at @worldeconomicforum collaborating with @brucehecht from @technologyreview to on the final day discussing the #futueofeducation and #work with @bionic_ben @etienne and five other Outstanding speakers
06 Feb, 2020
#Repost @rhythm_funk . . TEDX MITAOE #PUNE
18 Jan, 2020
#Repost @rhythm_funk • • • • • • TEDX MITAOE PUNE
18 Jan, 2020
17 Jan, 2020