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Fire Emblem Heroes 2023 Full-Year Predicition/Theorycraft (Alright, time for my first ever Reddit post.) Made a list of all the New Hero banners that would typically appear in a year's worth of FEH, and crafted some units to appear on them. No weapons/ski...
04 Jan, 2023
[US-WA] [H] Lots of minifigs, including Star Wars, Super Heroes, City, Space, and others [W] PayPal / trades Hi y'all, Have quite a few minifigs I'm looking to sell. Full list and some pics here: [](
03 Jan, 2023
The Bro Code: All Articles **ARTICLE 1 -** ***Bros before ho's.*** The bond between two men is stronger than the bond between a man and a woman because, on average, men are stronger than women. That's just science. **ARTICLE 2 -** ***A Bro is always enti...
02 Jan, 2023
It's summer in New Zealand, getting swimsuit ready!
02 Jan, 2023
Shantou GuangYe Knitting Co., Ltd-bulk ready to ship(swimsuit fabric/underwear/sportswear fabric)
02 Jan, 2023
Religion & Law 3 My third part of Religion & Law, this time about countries that rule by religion. Many countries in the world prefer religion over state, and the people are much happier with religion in the front. Most of these religious rules are Isla...
01 Jan, 2023
Housewife highlights/Daily shit talk - December 31st, 2022 **NEW JERSEY** * [**Teresa Giudice, 50, shows off her sensational form in a teal bikini while enjoying a sunny vacation with husband Luis Ruelas in Mexico**](
31 Dec, 2022
Starfinder Game tries to do 2 Modules at once First time poster here. Ended up living in my own horror story before getting into channels like Den of the Drake and CritCrab. I’ll try to keep the preamble short. The cast is as follows: Me playing as a Hal...
29 Dec, 2022
I made a Me x Chen fanfic (get some sanity tea it's a long one) It’s a rainy Monday morning in Rhodes island HQ. As lappy greeted me when I arrived at the command center I thought to myself “eh let's do a 10 pull”.I made my way to Rhodes island HR cen...
28 Dec, 2022
MIL doesn’t accept me at his sons side My BF(25M) and i (25F) have been together for almost 5years. Our relationship is awesome and we just moved into our first apartment. He’s the absolut best man I could have ask for. But his mom is giving me bad vibes ...
28 Dec, 2022
RPDR Randomized Era 4: Season 6, Episode 2 (RuPaul's Big Opening: Part II) The surviving six queens from the original premiere re-enter the werkroom after **Monet's** elimination. \- \- The six queens all celebrate their survival and shoot silly string...
27 Dec, 2022
Amazing Race 7 Team write-ups/opinions Now it's time for Season 7! I gotta say, I think this is my favorite season of the first seven that I have rewatched so far. It's a close contest with Seasons 1 and 5 for me, but I think this one takes the cake. I do...
24 Dec, 2022
Fate Fan Servant: Summer Agent 355 **Agent 355- 4* Rider** Her mission. Enjoy Summer. Her destination. Summer Space Cruise. Her target? Fun. Now the question is. How does one assassinate fun? As [Agent 355](
21 Dec, 2022
Fate Fan Servant: Summer Lycaon **Lycaon- 5* Ruler** Does everyone have a buddy? Ok! Snacks and juice? Ok! Sunscreen? Ok! As the one in charge of the Kid Zone on the S.S. Ehrich, [Lycaon](
21 Dec, 2022
A NEW EDEN | Chapter 34: ICARUS The Final Supper [Previous](| [Start](
20 Dec, 2022
Jenna Morasca in Survivor: The Amazon, Transcribed All her confessionals and final tribal council answers. What is her story? What is her game philosophy? Why did she win? Hopefully through viewing each winner's words we can better understand how to win S...
19 Dec, 2022
Carmen Electra, 49, Channels Her Days On ‘Baywatch’ In Sexy New Swimsuit Pics Carmen Electra looked ready to man a lif...
18 Dec, 2022
First Cruise - Symphony of the Seas experience Just got off my wife and I's first cruise on Symphony of the Seas! We had a blast. A lot of tips on this subreddit made a difference so I just wanted to echo a few things and share our experience. This is a ...
17 Dec, 2022
Galactic High (Chapter 48) [First]([Previous]([Next](
15 Dec, 2022
Get ready to become the next Mrs India Do you want to see yourself walking the ramp and talking confidently on stage? If this has been your dream all along, you can turn it into a reality now. With a beauty pageant specially organized for married wome...
14 Dec, 2022