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Mask idea finale(Part One) I am trying to really finish this since with all the masks I doubt they would put all of my ideas in. So this how I’m gonna do this:Part one will have which masks I would like to be added, and part two will have characters I wou...
04 Feb, 2021
A list of animals Just a fat list of animals I found on the internet - chances of hitting the banned word are slim lol Canidae Felidae Cat Cattle Dog Donkey Goat Guinea pig Horse Pig Rabbit Fancy rat varieties laboratory rat strains Sheep breeds Water b...
18 Jan, 2021
Sweet little Starfish helped open my eyes to how sweet and lovely opossums can be. I'm so heartbroken to hear of her passing, but I know she got to live her life like a queen! Thank you @allybnola @itsmesesame for showing her the world and sharing her wit...
03 Jan, 2021
Mask ideas I just wanna share them this way since almost every post about mask ideas are deleted. Also it’s me again I have more ideas because I love making these let’s go. And one more thing I accidentally finished edit when I still had more to do so her...
11 Sep, 2020
Have you heard about Starry’s Scholastic Seedlings Set for you and your best #backtoschool friends!?
24 Aug, 2020
Noah walks into a bar Behind him walk two of each of the following: aardvark abyssinian adelie penguin affenpinscher afghan hound african bush elephant african civet african clawed frog african forest elephant african pal...
06 May, 2020
Happy hump day! You made it halfway through the week- and halfway through the first month of the decade!
16 Jan, 2020
Happy Carnival Y'all!
06 Jan, 2020
For anyone whose English keyboard is broken, here's a full English word list to copy and paste words from accordingly pt 3 misvaluation, misvaluations, Mitchell, mixable, mixings, mnemonicism, moanest, moans, moated, mockney, mocks, modalness, Modena, mo...
13 Dec, 2019
Guess what guys! Starry of @itsmesesame has designed her own plushie! Complete with little seedlings! Please take this moment to head over to her page and enjoy some super cute pictures, learn about the awesomeness of opossumness and please consider pledg...
13 Oct, 2019
More “filler” biomes (scrublands, prairies, steppes, etc.) (Pic of an example, a Scrubland: (Bluet Fields, Scrub updates, and Dry Forest: (Dense Swamp, Lush Jungle, Joshua Tree Forest...
18 Aug, 2019
Nothing like a cup ☕️ of @itsmesesame first thing in the morning
25 Jul, 2019
The party was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!
21 Jul, 2019
this is my best friend hank bonding with his new opossum friends! daffie’s favorite food is blueberries, and starfish likes to sleep, so hank had a lot to discuss with them (@itsmesesame) #party #neworleans #friends #bestfriends #meetandgreet #opossum #cu...
21 Jul, 2019
I only *ALMOST* cried three times
07 Jul, 2019
#opossum airlines now boarding ✈️ ☁️☀️
06 Jul, 2019
#savethedate and join us and @itsmesesame on Saturday, July 20th from 6-8pm at 2041 Magazine St. NOLA for our #grandopening !!!!! ❤️
01 Jul, 2019