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Guess what guys! Starry of @itsmesesame has designed her own plushie! Complete with little seedlings! Please take this moment to head over to her page and enjoy some super cute pictures, learn about the awesomeness of opossumness and please consider pledg...
13 Oct, 2019
The party was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!
21 Jul, 2019
this is my best friend hank bonding with his new opossum friends! daffie’s favorite food is blueberries, and starfish likes to sleep, so hank had a lot to discuss with them (@itsmesesame) #party #neworleans #friends #bestfriends #meetandgreet #opossum #cu...
21 Jul, 2019
New Sign!!!!!✌
20 Jul, 2019
Don’t forget about our #big Grand Opening THIS SATURDAY 7/20 from 6-8pm at Cocoally 2041 Magazine St.
16 Jul, 2019
I only *ALMOST* cried three times
07 Jul, 2019
10 Jun, 2019
We had the best time at @catcampnyc with so many amazing vendors and cat/opossums lovers!!!! Big THANK YOU to @thecatdaddy and for making this possible and hosting such a wonderful event!! Babies were adopted, treats were eaten, and fun ...
02 Jun, 2019
Meowie wowie, Mom met Starfish the opossum of @itsmesesame
02 Jun, 2019
had a lovely time at @catcampnyc this year! this was the most exotic kitty i’ve ever seen! such soft fur, such sharp claws! #starfishtheopossum
01 Jun, 2019
Inspired by Starry’s starry eyes
17 May, 2019
“Mhmm, this is definitely the sweet life.”
14 May, 2019
Thanks for the visit Starfish!! You're the sweetest
09 May, 2019
SHOUTOUT and thank you to @itsmesesame Starry for coming all the way from NOLA to party like a rockstar! You fit right in with our herd and we llove you so much for letting our animal-loving friends melt over your soft hugs. . #starfishtheopossum #rojoand...
28 Apr, 2019
28 Apr, 2019
Thanks for making my opossum snuggle dreams come true, Starry. You can burrow in my hair anytime. ♥️♥️ #starfishtheopossum #snugglesfordays
28 Apr, 2019
Happy #fanartfriday! This is fan art for Starfish the opossum (@itsmesesame)! I was hoping to meet Starry, Baguette, and @allyburguieresart at the Vancouver Night Market tonight, but sadly won't be able to make it, so I can't deliver this in person. If yo...
27 Apr, 2019
I'M SO HAPPY. Thank you so much, @rosegoldveganbakery @goldclubelectrictattoo @itsmesesame #opossum #possum #starfishtheopossum #bestfriends #gayandtrashy
25 Apr, 2019
Starry @itsmesesame and @allyburguieresart entourage are on the road again!!!!!
23 Apr, 2019