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Guess what guys! Starry of @itsmesesame has designed her own plushie! Complete with little seedlings! Please take this moment to head over to her page and enjoy some super cute pictures, learn about the awesomeness of opossumness and please consider pledg...
13 Oct, 2019
#babyonboard @itsmesesame
18 Aug, 2019
Nothing like a cup ☕️ of @itsmesesame first thing in the morning
25 Jul, 2019
this is my best friend hank bonding with his new opossum friends! daffie’s favorite food is blueberries, and starfish likes to sleep, so hank had a lot to discuss with them (@itsmesesame) #party #neworleans #friends #bestfriends #meetandgreet #opossum #cu...
21 Jul, 2019
#starfishtheopossum and
12 Jul, 2019