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#ThrowbackThursday to beautiful baby #Sesame, who took up the whole bed with his body and his personality ❤️
12 Sep, 2019
#babyonboard @itsmesesame
18 Aug, 2019
Nothing like a cup ☕️ of @itsmesesame first thing in the morning
25 Jul, 2019
THANK YOU SO MUCH @itsmesesame!!!!! It was an amazing time! I’m sorry I cried, I just love daffodil, starfish, and you so much! You are such an inspiration. Y’all go check out @cocoallyvegan! She sells beautiful art!
21 Jul, 2019
Sesame always knows what to do. Time can’t do a thing to that precious face
20 Jul, 2019
#daffie with a lil #backpack
15 Jul, 2019
#starfishtheopossum and
12 Jul, 2019
throwback to when I met Starry and Daffie of @itsmesesame ❤️
07 Jul, 2019
#opossum airlines now boarding ✈️ ☁️☀️
06 Jul, 2019
Sesame ❤️❤️❤️❤️
04 Jul, 2019
#savethedate and join us and @itsmesesame on Saturday, July 20th from 6-8pm at 2041 Magazine St. NOLA for our #grandopening !!!!! ❤️
01 Jul, 2019
Sweet baby #daffodil
29 Jun, 2019
“Only pack the essentials”
25 Jun, 2019
Cutie pie @itsmesesame
21 Jun, 2019
Breakfast with your #minime never looked so good
16 Jun, 2019
dab 4 @itsmesesame
14 Jun, 2019
Dreaming about snacks
09 Jun, 2019
Finally got to pet Starfish. She is the most awesome opossum! @itsmesesame #opossumsofinstagram #nirvanatailsllc #sesametheopossum #rescueopossum #hangoutwithyourfangout
02 Jun, 2019
My neighbors to the west... @itsmesesame #sesametheopossum #opossumsofinstagram #catcampnyc #nirvanatailsllc
01 Jun, 2019