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First new pin on the new board! Gifted by my wonderful fiancee. Go check out @itsmesesame and learn how you can help animal rescue. #possumlove #sesametheopossum #opossumpin #enemelpin
02 Apr, 2021
Three years ago today I met @itsmesesame ♥️ #itsme89 #dognamed89 #sesametheopossum
18 Mar, 2021
We would like to send out our condolences to @itsmesesame Their beautiful Starry (Starfish ⭐️) passed away and went to be with Sesame last night. This has broken our hearts. Starry was a beautiful soul. But unfortunately opossums life spans are so short. ...
03 Jan, 2021
I have ALWAYS wanted one of the limited edition artworks @itsmesesame sells to benefit the rehabilitation of their rescue opossums but they’re so popular and sell out so quickly I’ve never been lucky enough to get one. Earlier in the week I noticed they r...
24 Dec, 2020
Want a fun way to learn a bit more about Virginia Opossums??? Listen to the new @nature.nerds.with.laine episode 8 featuring special guests, Ally Burguieres and the @itsmesesame gang (Starfish, Daffie, and Cornelia) !!!
30 Nov, 2020
15 hours of editing for 1 minute of audio! That's the life of an audio engineer. I'm taking a short break from promoting my upcoming album to promote my other creative project, working on the Nature Nerds podcast! (@nature.nerds.with.laine) This is a ...
25 Nov, 2020
Is this the real life... or is this just fantasy? No, it's real life! Our newest episode is out on NOVEMBER 30th and its all about... you guessed it! Opossums! We have some special guests in the episode too ;) @itsmesesame @cocoallyvegan
25 Nov, 2020
Mini watercolor of @itsmesesame the opossum! The happiest little possum face you’re likely to see ❤️ #watercolor #opossum #possum #louisianaartist #sesametheopossum #louisianawildlife #minipainting #makeartbekind #theinklinggirl
26 Sep, 2020
Lotsssssss of new art! Like this opossum family on a fan blade
09 Sep, 2020
This is how every possum eats. Crumbs everywhere and loud chewing but I still love them.
04 Aug, 2020
Grab a drink and a snack and join us for Virtual Happy Hour tonight at 5pm with Ally Burguieres (@allybnola) local Artist/Illustrator and mom to @itsmesesame ⠀ We'll talk books, art, and animal rescue, there might just be some opossums in attendance!⠀ htt...
25 Jun, 2020
rainbows opossum credit Sesame the Opossum rainbows [ ](
02 Jun, 2020
First Haul 4.5KG (Polos, Off-White, Gucci, BM Lin) ###[SPREADSHEET LINK WITH W2C, PICS, AND MORE]( ...
04 Apr, 2020
Today is a good day for a good day. Thanks @artbylacyhale for the sweater and @katie.m.hayes for this AMAZING wallpaper/fabric! #opossumsofinstagram #spoonflower #opossum #sesametheopossum
19 Dec, 2019
You know you’ve gone full crazy possum lady when you begin to elegantly plate their food.
09 Dec, 2019
Our very excited faces after supporting Starry’s Seedling Surprise Kickstarter! Help little seedlings everywhere by backing the campaign. @itsmesesame has more details and super fun opossum pictures too. #PeterPicklepants #sesametheopossum #seedlings #opo...
20 Oct, 2019