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Mini watercolor of @itsmesesame the opossum! The happiest little possum face you’re likely to see ❤️ #watercolor #opossum #possum #louisianaartist #sesametheopossum #louisianawildlife #minipainting #makeartbekind #theinklinggirl
26 Sep, 2020
Lotsssssss of new art! Like this opossum family on a fan blade
09 Sep, 2020
Have you heard about Starry’s Scholastic Seedlings Set for you and your best #backtoschool friends!?
24 Aug, 2020
This is how every possum eats. Crumbs everywhere and loud chewing but I still love them.
04 Aug, 2020
Thinking I can stand this mask mandate a liiiitle bit longer since I got my new beautiful @itsmesesame @cocoallyvegan LOVE mask ❤️(and Stars Over Bourbon Street scrunchie). Mask requirements, (especially in summer, especially in FL) suck but the word on t...
02 Aug, 2020
Grab a drink and a snack and join us for Virtual Happy Hour tonight at 5pm with Ally Burguieres (@allybnola) local Artist/Illustrator and mom to @itsmesesame ⠀ We'll talk books, art, and animal rescue, there might just be some opossums in attendance!⠀ htt...
25 Jun, 2020