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THANK YOU SO MUCH @itsmesesame!!!!! It was an amazing time! I’m sorry I cried, I just love daffodil, starfish, and you so much! You are such an inspiration. Y’all go check out @cocoallyvegan! She sells beautiful art!
21 Jul, 2019
Sesame always knows what to do. Time can’t do a thing to that precious face
20 Jul, 2019
#daffie with a lil #backpack
15 Jul, 2019
throwback to when I met Starry and Daffie of @itsmesesame ❤️
07 Jul, 2019
Sesame ❤️❤️❤️❤️
04 Jul, 2019
Sweet baby #daffodil
29 Jun, 2019
Cutie pie @itsmesesame
21 Jun, 2019
dab 4 @itsmesesame
14 Jun, 2019
Dreaming about snacks
09 Jun, 2019
Finally got to pet Starfish. She is the most awesome opossum! @itsmesesame #opossumsofinstagram #nirvanatailsllc #sesametheopossum #rescueopossum #hangoutwithyourfangout
02 Jun, 2019
My neighbors to the west... @itsmesesame #sesametheopossum #opossumsofinstagram #catcampnyc #nirvanatailsllc
01 Jun, 2019
Another sleeping beauty
30 May, 2019
My opossum arrived today!! Yay! @itsmesesame
20 May, 2019
At the meet and greet in San Diego CA, with lovely Starry! So cute! We had yummy vegan cake and tons of opossum cuddles ♥️ #sesametheopossum #opossums#cuteopossumsofinstagram
09 May, 2019
Guess who met George Jones tonight!!! (Yes. I’m wearing opossum ears.
25 Apr, 2019
Happy Friday Moxie fans. Had to share!
19 Apr, 2019
We're stoked to announce that STARRY the OPOSSUM will be joining us for a fun meet and greet from 5:30-7:30pm at our next @nightmarketvancouver
19 Apr, 2019
@arlo.the.opossum my mom found one of your precious cousins in her backyard, and then her rude ass dog tried to scare him off. #opossum #sesametheopossum #arlotheopossum
07 Apr, 2019