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We love a no makeup day
09 Dec, 2019
Sabemos que é preciso manter sempre a nossa autoestima lá encima mas as vezes não dá. Existe aquele momento de tristeza, onde a gente começa a esquecer o amor próprio, não conseguimos enxergar a aceitação de nós mesmo e basta uma pústulas ou o vermelhidã...
05 Dec, 2019
This is what happens when I get off Keto and eat whatever I want for a couple of days
03 Dec, 2019
Mi cara de hoy. No es la mejor pero tampoco la peor. Ya estoy en la recta final del embarazo y al parecer las hormonas ya no están tan locas, y eso mi cara lo nota. He estado estos días limpiando con mucho polvo, y eso también le pasa factura a mi piel....
03 Dec, 2019
A rare bare-faced, pajama-clad Maddie appears! I just wanna have a talk. I’ll start by saying I know it may seem like an overreaction to a small problem, but I think it’s important to say. I’ve been avoiding posting on social media without wearing full gl...
30 Nov, 2019
This time of year is particularly difficult for those of us who suffer from Rosacea. The swelling, puffy, red cheeks. The burning, raw feeling on your nose and forehead. It can quickly go from unpleasant to downright unbearable. Rosacea is another conditi...
22 Nov, 2019
Falar do Protetor Solar em um post é mega difícil mas vou tentar tá. É muita informação para um post só
22 Nov, 2019
My rosacea is a pain in the ass but it makes me who i am. Not going to lie i do get so tired of all the products and the stress about wondering if people notice how red my cheeks are or how bad they are. But now i’ve grown and i found a community of peopl...
19 Nov, 2019
Happy Monday! Don’t forget to moisturizer especially as the weather is getting dry and colder, Also this is a reminder to drink some water cause you have to nourish to flourish
18 Nov, 2019
castor oil works wonders for me
18 Nov, 2019
From high fructose corn syrup and artificial crap to bad fats and grease these foods really examples for bad foods for your skin. For healthy skin you need to eat and drink the part too. What you put in your body= the results you see. Talk to your doctor ...
18 Nov, 2019
Da sind sie, die kleinen wunderbaren Pickel. Habs mir aber auch schon gedacht. Hätte vielleicht besser mein eigenes Kissen mit nehmen sollen für den Urlaub
18 Nov, 2019
Look at this jaw dropping beauty right here owning her skin and flaunting it
18 Nov, 2019
Turmeric has also shown signs of helping elevate mood in reducing depression. turmeric reduces inflammation too. - - #selfcare #rosacea #skincare #skincaretips #selflove #healthylifestyle #healthyskincare #healthyskintips #keratosispilaris #acne #acnepos...
18 Nov, 2019
#selfcare #rosacea #skincare #skincaretips #selflove #healthylifestyle #healthyskincare #healthyskintips #keratosispilaris #acne #acnepositivity #skinrejuvenation #rosaceanofilter #beyondthevisible #beyondtheskin
18 Nov, 2019
Infelizmente esse protetor deu reação na segunda vez que usei ... atacou a rosácea ... Uma pena , pq a textura dele na pele é ótima , deu muito certo com o color dose ... mas só quem tem rosácea sabe como é difícil encontrar um produto que de 100% certo ...
18 Nov, 2019
Hey, so this page is all about self care/skin care!! My goal is for this page to be a safe place for people to share their journeys, tips and tricks and products. - - #selfcare #rosacea #skincare #skincaretips #selflove #healthylifestyle #healthyskincare ...
18 Nov, 2019
Swipe to style me! ☝
10 Nov, 2019
Ein Foto von letzten Sonntag. Wie immer verspätet
07 Nov, 2019
Today is apparently National love your red hair day. Sooooo, don't mind my shameless selfie showing off my locks.
05 Nov, 2019