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What a great day! Portland Winemakers showing up to breakdown our PDX Holiday Pop Up. We decided to turn it into a little party for some fun! We had a great time pouring wine in Downtown Portland for this Holiday Season and hope we can do it again in 2023...
03 Jan, 2023
Tomorrow is the last day for our PDX Holiday Pop Up Shop. We’ve had a blast being in Downtown Portland and pouring for so many customers. If you haven’t made it in to see us we’re open until 6pm today and 11am-6pm Friday 12/30.
29 Dec, 2022
Our Wednesday 12/28 flight at our holiday Pop Up Shop! Try wines from Caelestis Cellars, RAM Cellars, Boedecker Cellars, Hip Chicks do Wine and Gonzales Wine Cellars. Open 11am-6pm at 815 SW Park Avenue
28 Dec, 2022
Each of Sol Zimmerdahl's works are meant to invoke a unique response. The inspirations behind his works are wrapped up in life like images - twisted and blurred by obscurities of surrealism that allow the work to remain up for interpretation. Ceramics No...
27 Dec, 2022
It’s the last week of our PDX Holiday Pop Up Shop! Open Tuesday-Friday this week 11am-6pm. Today we’re featuring wines from Division Winemaking Co, Clay Pigeon Winery, Caelestis Cellars, William Marie Wines and Rossini Winery. The Pop Up Shop is located i...
27 Dec, 2022
Marieka Farrenkopf @MariekaWare is an avocational potter in Portland, OR specializing in textured slab work and functional handbuilding. Her art often includes words and phrases from her favorite songs, stamps, oxides, and underglaze decals. Ceramics No...
26 Dec, 2022
Scot Cameron-Bell @scotcameronbellceramics does not just make any vase. "What I think is appealing about my vase shape is it’s a little piece of table architecture and is really open to wild interpretation." Ceramics Northwest gallery features unique wo...
24 Dec, 2022
We’ve decided to keep the [email protected] closed today. But don’t worry! We’ll be open Tuesday’s -Friday next week 11-6!
24 Dec, 2022
The mission of DeeDee & Shark @deedee_and_shark is to create unique objects filled with humanity, imperfect yet beautiful, often weird or creepy, to enhance your every day with warmth and fun. Ceramics Northwest gallery features unique work from 40 OPA ...
22 Dec, 2022
Our Holiday Pop Up shop is open today 11am-6pm but after reviewing the weather forecast we have decided to Close the Pop Up for Friday 12/23. We do plan to be open on Saturday 12/24 11am-3pm.
22 Dec, 2022
Stop by our PDX Holiday Pop Up today and stock up on wine before this Winter Weather turns Wicked! Open 11am-6pm featuring wines from Helioterra Wines, Gonzales Wine Company, Division Winemaking Co, William Marie Wines and Clay Pigeon Winery.
22 Dec, 2022
Perfection in imperfection. I dropped this little one and it got a bit of a chip on the top rim so I did kintsugi. . Have a glorious weekend dear friends.
22 Dec, 2022
Some different pieces have been added to my work display at Ceramics NW. Check it out if you can. OPA. Open daily: 11am - 6pm, Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas 300 SW Yamhill Street @downtownpdx Credit/debit cards accepted; no cash in store . #ceramics...
21 Dec, 2022
A lot of what Matt Anderson @sedentary.ceramics does in the studio is think about what would make him laugh. He makes what he likes and likes what he makes. He hopes you do too. . . . . . Ceramics Northwest gallery features unique work from 40 OPA member...
20 Dec, 2022
Hui-Yong Kim @galaxyclay finds that art isn’t an object. "Art has the power to heal our emotions, create a sense of appreciation and cleanse our soul. I think art is a necessary remedy to many conditions." Ceramics Northwest gallery features unique work ...
19 Dec, 2022
In love with nature? Consider one of these ceramic pieces as a gift for friends, family, or even yourself!
19 Dec, 2022
For years David Dahlquist @yellow_bird_pottery said to himself “you should be a potter”. Instead, he entered and stayed in his family business. After the loss of his brother, his business partner - realizing life was short - he finally made the commitme...
18 Dec, 2022
For a limited time, you can find last minute gifts made by some of your favorite Ceramic Showcase artists! Stop by Ceramics Northwest, a gallery presented by the Oregon Potters Association. You’ll find sweet handmade stocking stuffers, whimsical pieces fo...
18 Dec, 2022