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I am 32 years old and I made $475,000 this past year. I live in a VHCOL and work as a television director (currently remote). Disclaimer: this is a long boy. I’m self employed and a business owner. No doxing or guessing, I love u forever. Section One: As...
12 Jan, 2021
Cooking Classes Info Hello everyone! I am going to be hosting cooking classes at my diner. If you wish to attend one of these classes, please tell me so I can get enough ingredients. The classes are completely free but donations are welcome. Age 5-7: -We...
06 Dec, 2019
I Went to a Focus Group *Day 1: Today was great. The resort is fantastic and the facilities are – this is an understatement – downright magnificent. From the scallop omelette I had for breakfast to the anchovy ceviche I just had for dinner, the food is s...
10 Aug, 2015