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Beautiful view from #svsulibrary ☀️
15 May, 2019
#MiALAAC19 is over but the ideas shared will live on. Thanks to the @mialaorg team for a great couple of days. #libconference #learnstuff #libraryvalue
14 May, 2019
Breakfast and networking before day 2 of #MiALAAC19
14 May, 2019
Energized & exhausted all at once. #MiALAAC19 has given me many exciting ideas that I’m looking forward to bringing back to #gvsulibraries and I’m equally enthused to sleep for 8 hours so I can be inspired again tomorrow.
14 May, 2019
#sunset on the first incredibly enriching day at #MiALAAC19 #librariesrock
14 May, 2019
Some of our crew are hanging out at #MiALAAC19 for the next couple of days. New ideas for our libraries often sprout from the work of others. Looking forward to soaking it in. #ConferenceTime #collaboration
13 May, 2019
Today's reason to attend #MiALAAC19 Interest Group Meetings! There will be several opportunities to meet with interest groups of all types. Learn more here!!
01 May, 2019
We are thrilled to have Rebecca Blakiston as our Keynote Speaker at #MiALAAC19 Learn more about her and her presentation here:
30 Apr, 2019

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