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23 Dec, 2019
Drinking pretty drinks at the office holiday party
13 Dec, 2019
Suitcase Favor Bags Luggage Favor Bags by UnmatchedEventDesign
08 Dec, 2019
#givingtuesday #unselfie @elesplacelan25
03 Dec, 2019
Look who snuck out of bed into her sister's room and started to give herself a makeover. #IGuessSleepingIsOptional #AbbysGonnaBePissed #NiceUnibrow
30 Nov, 2019
Thursdays mean lunch with my girl
14 Nov, 2019
AVOCADO LOBSTER SALAD - (Free Recipe below)
31 Oct, 2019
Getting serenaded on a Friday night. It's good to be home!
26 Oct, 2019
While the board is in Executive session I shall hang out with my crochet and get some fresh air.
24 Oct, 2019
Dinner with the board before the retreat.
24 Oct, 2019
@minciravecplaisir mincir plaisir repas sport
12 Oct, 2019
Foster mom struggles with her shopping, then Walmart cashier steps in
29 Sep, 2019
Having a delicious dinner celebrating dad's birthday!
19 Sep, 2019
Ready for some #MSUspartan football
08 Sep, 2019
Today is my girl's first day of college. I'm so proud!!!
22 Aug, 2019
"I'll have one pancake with my breakfast"
21 Aug, 2019
Had a pretty good day today. Saw a movie then had dinner at Kevin's favorite restaurant. Saw my neighbor there so I paid for their dinner without them knowing (Kevin would've done that). Now it's netflix and wine at home.
18 Aug, 2019
Getting started at the @mialaorg Leadership Retreat
06 Aug, 2019

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