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#LinemateBeauty #brandnew @linemateapparel
08 Nov, 2018
Finishing the session with a TABATA
23 May, 2018
Fiona has the right idea... - @fee33ice Love my new T @linemateapparel Thank you. #linemateapparel #linematebeauty #hockeychick #icehockey #bristol
18 Feb, 2018
Love my new T @linemateapparel Thank you. #linemateapparel #linematebeauty #hockeychick #icehockey #bristol
18 Feb, 2018
A few weeks ago the #LinemateApparel sponsored challenge cup finals day happened. It was a great day of rec hockey and the teams seemed to enjoy themselves. We would love to make this happen again next year. Well done to all the teams that took part. @p...
10 Sep, 2016
Sunday saw our cup final draw to a close with an evening of great hockey. Congrats @pboroflyers #LinemateApparel Challenge Cup champs!
29 Aug, 2016
Finally the new shop is up and some @linemateapparel tshirts are already shipping today. So relieved, and a bit scared that it's now out there.
07 Jul, 2016