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Lilly, Starry Surprise and seedlings, having a slumber party! #opossum #marsupials #wildside #wildlife #wildliferehab #wildliferehabilitation #michiganwildlife #animalnonprofit #itsmesesame
22 Feb, 2020
Thank you to @itsmesesame for this wonderful plushie that was sent to us as a prop to help us continue our education efforts to inform people about the importance of our wildlife! This will be well-used and a great addition to our educational materials. I...
30 Jan, 2020
My Sebastian is the sweetest possum. These shy little marsupials are so misunderstood. They are called "ugly" by most people. But to me, they are adorable, cute and gorgeous. They are generally very cautious and will sit for an hour or more before the...
30 Jan, 2020
The Blep Heard Round the World. Wanting to draw since being sick, so here's a baby possum under the care of @itsmesesame . #possum #opossum #possumrescue #itsmesesame
20 Jan, 2020
Happy hump day! You made it halfway through the week- and halfway through the first month of the decade!
16 Jan, 2020
I heard it’s TYOTWD~ you think they’ll know I’m not a Possum?? #itsmesesame
15 Jan, 2020
I just received the best unexpected gift ever! This wildlife ambassador plush #starrysurprise is a great educational tool that even has a pouch with three #seedlings! I am honored to have received such a wonderful gift that will be used to educate oth...
11 Jan, 2020
It’s an opossum invasion! Of the best kind
10 Jan, 2020
Happy Carnival Y'all!
06 Jan, 2020
An amazing year at Wildside! Thanks to all of our volunteers and our supporters who make what we do possible! Happy 2020 everyone! #Raptors #opossums #squirrels #itsmesesame #wildside #wildlife #rehabandrelease #michiganwildlife #wildliferehabilitation #...
31 Dec, 2019
No day like a snow day❄️
17 Dec, 2019
Our Starry Surprise! Opossum Plush by @itsmesesame came in. It’s way too cute we might just forgo decorating the tree and let these seedlings explore.
12 Dec, 2019
You know you’ve gone full crazy possum lady when you begin to elegantly plate their food.
09 Dec, 2019
HUZZAH! The new plush by @itsmesesame , Starry Surprise!
03 Dec, 2019
Christmas came early! I LOVE it!
02 Dec, 2019
Here’s my not so great photo for my return.
30 Nov, 2019
Surprise! Meet Bobbi Sue! Turn up the volume for the full story! She can follow in the paw steps of #itsmesesame ! #possumrescue #wildliferescue #awesomepossumz #opossum #cuteopossum #opossumsofinstagram #possumlove #bobbisuepossum
24 Nov, 2019
Dropped by @cocoallyvegan today & picked up this @itsmesesame candle. It’s set up on my altar by the back door, where our own possums come to eat dinner. Last night they got cat food &
24 Nov, 2019
warten....., #catsofinstagram #itsmesesame#bronsonthecat#benbencat
18 Nov, 2019
How cute the cukes lined up!
14 Nov, 2019