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Guess the artist, she's the queen of the holidays and her popular holiday song will get you in the mood to be merry. #FSFiredUp
25 Dec, 2019
Guess the artist, she's the queen of the holidays and her popular holiday song will get you in the mood to be merry. #FSFiredUp
25 Dec, 2019
Amapiano are currently dominating the airwaves. What songs are dominating your summer playlist? #FSFiredUp
27 Nov, 2019
Which festival are you looking forward to attending this summer? #FSFiredUp
20 Nov, 2019
Guess the name of this group of singers who represented South Africa on America's Got Talent season 14. #FSFiredUp
01 Nov, 2019
Sharp Shooter by Lady Zamar or Umlilo by DJ Zinhle, what's your current fave jam? #FSFiredUp
31 Oct, 2019
Music is a universal language that everyone understands and appreciates. Share your favourite all-time classic with us. #FSFiredUp
15 Oct, 2019
"Music is always a commentary on society"- Frank Zappa. Share your current top tracks with us and we will give you a shout out in our stories. #FSFiredUp
18 Sep, 2019
It's getting warmer, outdoor activities are looking more attractive. Which spring music event are you looking forward to? #FSFiredUp
04 Sep, 2019
What tunes do you like to blast on your commute from work? #FSFiredUp
22 Aug, 2019
#FireMusic101: Kudu horn releases a mellow and warm sound that has the ability to add a unique African accent to the music. This instrument, which comes in a set of six horns, reflects the cross-pollination of musical traditions in Africa. #FSFiredUp
16 Aug, 2019
#FirestoneMusic101: Afri-Can Guitars are quality musical instruments based on the original concept of the oil can guitar that has been played in South Africa since the early 1900s when aspiring guitarists too poor to buy expensive wooden instruments began...
05 Jul, 2019
Let's see who's playlist has the best tunes. Hit shuffle and post the first song that pops up on your music device. #WorldMusicDay #FSFiredUp
21 Jun, 2019
Feel the music, free your mind, and enjoy the incredible sounds that twine and loop to create our love for music
20 Jun, 2019
Music is something that the youth of South Africa has always leaned on through struggle, triumph and everything in between. As we commemorate #YouthDay we lean on to music again. #FSFiredUp
16 Jun, 2019
Tankwa Sunset: What an experience! Many lessons learned, lots of laughter, arguments, hard work, early mornings, late nights, beautiful sunsets, amazing sunrises, no signal, gravel travel, tyre changes, stress, dust, wind, meetings interesting peop...
06 May, 2019
Thank you for burning with us and the Tankwa crew. Here's to a most lit festival south of the Equator. Until the next burn, keep it fired up! #FSFiredUp
06 May, 2019