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For me, the worst thing about Post Concussion Syndrome is not the headache, dizziness and nausea, or weird sleep’s the sudden emotional outbursts. . I can go from being perfectly fine to a sobbing hot mess in a matter of seconds with no trig...
21 Nov, 2018
A belated Instagram thank you to Adela and all of the staff at the Glockenspiel in Kitzbuhel for Donating €500 from their GrillPool Challenge to the run and @spinalresearch. It was a hilarious day to be a part of and the video came out amazing! You are a...
13 Apr, 2018
It only took me 4 hours to get it right. I think ill save the other side and the front until another day
08 Mar, 2018
I'm so excited for tomorrow as my latest podcast interview is coming out with @junkiepodcast Peter does some amazing interviews with some massive names in the sports and endurance world including @bartyasso who is one of the few people to have completed...
07 Mar, 2018
I have been quiet for a while as I plow through the school holidays and the millions of children that have invaded the ski resort :D But, I should be back again next week with some more exciting updates as we get closer and closer to the start line! Just...
01 Mar, 2018
I DID A THING! Well more specifically a Podcast :D In it I talk about when the idea of running across America came into my head, along with the hows, whys, where's, what's and who's of this epic adventure that I am about to start on. I Have left the link...
09 Feb, 2018
Seeing as this week thoroughly has gotten the better of me, I think that I may have missed the boat on this weeks blog
07 Jan, 2018
Slowly being back into the groove with running after almost 2 months with very little mileage on the clock and plenty on the couch! Now that work has begun again I have been able to steal the gym in the evenings which is awesome add I get paranoid about s...
06 Jan, 2018
A huge thank you to everyone who has donated to @spinalresearch lately. You're all awesome and we are closing in on the£2,000 mark. Hopefully we can hit £5,000 before the run starts!
04 Jan, 2018
Midday and I have already racked up 8,500 steps for January's #Stepup Challenge. If you haven't signed up yet then there it's still time to fit the whole month in. Just visit the link in the bio to get yourself registered and moving! Unfortunately there ...
01 Jan, 2018
Are you signed up yet for January's step challenge? If not then what are you waiting for! The sign up link is below and in my bio. Join us in a challenge to help keep yourself moving this new year and reach your daily step goal. Compete against other peo...
29 Dec, 2017
For all of you who missed out on the Christmas day blog post go and check it out now! You all loved the blog take over last month so we are going for round 2 now with @robinplowman , family man and charity guy! On a separate note, it turns out that my ca...
27 Dec, 2017
To the @the_four_oarsmen on their epic challenge to row across the Atlantic ocean! I hope that you had a memorable Christmas in the middle of the ocean and that Santa managed to find your boat! Keep rowing, that first place is within reach!
26 Dec, 2017
A bit of a belated blog this week as I'm back at work now and completely forgot that we had gone past Monday
20 Dec, 2017
Snow everywhere! The weather is definitely making my last winter in the alps memorable! Back to work tomorrow which means I can jump back on the treadmill instead of freeze and slip outside! I always get paranoid that this will happen, so fingers crossed ...
18 Dec, 2017
One thing that I'm going to miss next summer is waking up to this view every day in the Austrian alps. That being said I managed to finish my route through the western states today and I'm insanely excited to be able to run along side the grand canyon ...
17 Dec, 2017
Yesterday was an exiting day. I booked my flights to America! One step closer
15 Dec, 2017
I have been shortlisted! Kind of
13 Dec, 2017
For those of you who didn't see my story yesterday, my awesome running tee shirts turned up in the post from @scimitarsportshq . I absolutely love them and cannot wait to get out there and try them in action!
12 Dec, 2017
The interviews are back and this month I had the pleasure of interviewing the one and only Melissa Kahn. After shedding 110lb she has set up one of he most popular and fastest growing new running communities around. Run, Heifer, Run! Go have a look throu...
11 Dec, 2017