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Best lines/quotes/moments of Season 1 **I pick of a few quotes/moments/lines for each episode into one big post, enjoy!** \-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
23 Jul, 2019
Line that was stuck in my head the longest from each battle I made a post about which lines got stuck in your head the longest, so here are all of mine from each battle. I don't think these are the best in terms of lyrics, but they are the catchiest to me...
14 Jun, 2019
Things To Do- Week of 04/08 If you're looking for an Easter event, this weekend is for you. Also a few crawfish events too. Either way, it's gonna be a great week. ​ [Top picks]( from do 214 [Editor's Pick](https://ww...
07 Apr, 2019
Guessing The Characters' Ages First i'm going to start out with the characters who's ages we already know, John-26 (RDR2 Main Story), 33-34 (RDR2 Epilogue), 37-38 (RDR1) Abigail-22 (RDR2 Main Story), 29-30 (RDR2 Epilogue), 33-34 (RDR1) Jack-4 (RDR2 Ma...
16 Mar, 2019
[US-FL][H] Tons of Pops overwatch NYCC SDCC Marvel DC Disney ECT [W] PayPal/want list Proof = FS/FT All prices are without shipping ISO $40 -...
30 Dec, 2017
[For Sale] Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Sampha, Khalid, Outkast, Over 550 records!! PM me for conditions. Can only ship to the US minus Alaska and Hawaii. Shipping is $5 plus $.50 for each record. Also, I am open to trades so feel free to look at my Discogs want...
05 Jul, 2017
[For Sale] My entire collection, including the real goodies. Have some good Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin I am looking into and will be posting later. PM me for conditions. Can only ship to the US minus Alaska and Hawaii. Shipping is $5 plus $.50 for each r...
29 Jun, 2017
ONE DEAD in London terror attack -- INSIDE Trump’s tech meeting -- JARED back to Israel -- DEMS to try to weaponize Trump's ‘mean’ comment -- BRITTANY BRAMELL to TSA -- KEVIN SHERIDAN engaged -- B’DAY: Jeff Mason ONE DEAD in London terror attack -- INSIDE...
19 Jun, 2017
Subreddit Stats: rollerderby top posts from 2011-09-06 to 2017-05-31 09:57 PDT Period: 2094.13 days ||Submissions|Comments| :-:|--:|--: __Total__|1000|8867 __Rate (per day)__|0.48|4.23 __Unique Redditors__|541|1741 __Combined Score__|38325|23157 --- ###...
02 Jun, 2017
I have compiled all the data from this sub and broken down who is out and who is still in play, I will update this list daily until the lineup is released. **Edit 4/4: The lineup has dropped, bold denotes acts playing** This is a list of acts that are p...
08 Mar, 2017
Text Version of the complete day by day line up This is good for a quick search of an artist name to see what day they play **Friday, April 22** Steely Dan •Janelle Monáe •Gov’t Mule •Michael McDonald •Grace Potter The Subdudes •Sharon Jones & The...
20 Jan, 2016
Bonny Eagle Cheerleading 1/18/14
Bonny Eagle Cheering competition at Noble High School. 1/18/14.
22 Jan, 2014
South Portland Cheerleaders at SMAA 2014
South Portland Varsity High School Cheerleader SMAA Conference Championships 2014 at Noble High School.
19 Jan, 2014
Harlem Shake (stranded on a train edition)
We decided to do a Harlem Shake while we were on the train home from our English field trip since our train got stuck for 3 and a half hours.
21 Mar, 2013
Bonny Eagle 2012 Cheering Comp
BEMS Cheering.
05 Feb, 2012
Bonny Eagle Varsity Cheering 2012
29 Jan, 2012
NCCS MS Cheer Competition 09102011
NCCS MS Cheer Competition 09102011 at East Paulding High School.
10 Sep, 2011
Edina MS Cheer - Tonka Freeze
Edina comp cheer.
09 Jan, 2011
02 Aug, 2010
Ms20 Tigers Cheer Compitition
This is the Ms20 Tigers Cheer Comp. Video At CCHS. The next video up will be at roosevelt high either posted by me or my friend Lennyfamex3.
14 Apr, 2010