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Guess what?!?!? There a new #1 Book in Plant and Animal Photography and it’s by our artist; Ally Burguieres!!!!!! Head over to our website or click the link in our instagram bio to purchase your very own
11 May, 2022
POSSUMS ARE NOT CUTE! by Ally Burguieres is on sale today @itsmesesame!
10 May, 2022
We like possums, and this is an adorable, informative little book about them, full of myths vs. facts. They’re so cute! (I had an encounter with one in the yard, but it was fine and no one was hurt.) It’s a great gift book full of sweet photos and fun f...
26 Apr, 2022
Settling in with a good book this weekend! The pictures alone are the best thing ever! So excited for @itsmesesame & @quirkbooks #possum #opossum #possumsarenotcute #allyburguieres #opossumbook #quirkbooks #booklover #natutrebooks #cuteanimalbooks...
16 Apr, 2022
Preorder POSSUMS ARE NOT CUTE! by Ally Burguieres @itsmesesame!! If you place your order through @friendlycitybooks, you’ll receive a sticker sheet and a bookplate signed by Ally and the possums
13 Apr, 2022
Am reviewing POSSUMS ARE NOT CUTE, compliments of @quirkbooks by Ally Burguieres. Loaded w/ great pics to bring on the smiles—this book has fun factoids and deets you may not have known before. And I agree w/ the back cover that says, “Possums may steal y...
06 Apr, 2022
m a g a z i n e s t r e e t . On this day, my husband, our friend Sue, and I strolled on Magazine Street. First stop was the Cocoally shop by artist Ally Burguieres. Cute animal paintings on tee shirts, cups, stickers, canvases, etc. I follow @cocoa...
05 Apr, 2022
Come on cute is @dropandgivemenerdy's photo of a kitten cuddling with POSSUMS ARE NOT CUTE! by Ally Burguieres?
16 Mar, 2022
I am an animal lover and I especially have a heart for the outcasts. My ferrets can vouch for me here. I didn’t need a book to convince me that possums are cute, but I sure didn’t mind seeing all of their adorable photos while learning more about them. ...
05 Mar, 2022
We now have UMBRELLAS!!! Get your Woodland Friends Travel Umbrella today!!!!
27 Feb, 2022
Thank you @quirkbooks for these gifted books ⁣ ⁣
18 Feb, 2022
It’s a new year, time for a new calendar!! Snag some of these mini cute-as-can-be @itsmesesame 2022 magical opossum calendars *while supplies last*!!! 6” by 6” and just $6.95 to start the year off right! • • • LINK IN BIO
10 Jan, 2022
With great power comes great responsibility, which is why we are back and sober with an episode on image rights. We’re looking at the most interesting cases of image controversy, and ending with an artpop talk on the new spider-man movie– its image rights...
10 Jan, 2022
“Hey Mom, Dad told me everybody’s getting opossum socks from @cocoallyvegan @itsmesesame for Christmas!” “That’s right, Spooky! Nothing says Christmas like opossum socks, and they support wildlife rescue! And everyone wears socks, right?” “Except for me,...
13 Dec, 2021
Classic Royal Fox 8x12 canvas with just a touch of glitter! ✨
15 Nov, 2021
You read that correctly!!! In honor of our favorite future adults going back to school we are offering a free Paperback “Opossums Don’t Live in Houses” with EVERY ONLINE PURCHASE!! Head over to to pick out some back to school clothing and sup...
10 Aug, 2021
It’s the season of tie dye! Check out some of our one+onlys at And, we are working on more!!! #tiedye #puppiesofinstagram #puppy #season #summer #clothing #clothingboutique #shop #allyburguieres #cocoally #vegan #kisses #bath
24 Jul, 2021
Free glitter say what???? We offer free magical glitter embellishment on ALL OF OUR GICLEE CANVASES ✨
21 Jul, 2021
Morning walk with my custom seedling pouch. Georgie did a phenomenal job sewing! Cornelia sent the sweetest note with so many updates on everyone. The penmanship is outstanding!!! ❤️❤️❤️
06 Jul, 2021