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Please join us tomorrow, Saturday, July 13th from 12pm-4pm at @watkinscollege for a free public filmmaking workshop. We'll discuss writing & directing, producing, and editing/post production for the 48 Hour Film Project weekend. Our speakers for editing/p...
12 Jul, 2019
This Saturday, July 13th, we’ll have a 48HFP Workshop Day @watkinscollege from 12-4pm. Speakers will discuss the topics of Writing & Directing, Producing, and Editing. Over the next 3 days, we’ll introduce you to each of our lovely speakers. Up first, on ...
10 Jul, 2019
Les inscriptions sont ouvertes , profitez du tarif d’été #48hourfilm #48hourfilmproject #48Filma #cinema #realisateur #acteur #actrice @samyangfrance @cnctalent @why_note_events @geraldine.santin @pripriolla @geraldine.santin @f...
02 Jul, 2019
@48hfp_france et sont très heureux de vous annoncer l’ouverture du 48hfp Marseille pour cette édition 2019 !!! @pripriolla @why_note_events @samyangfrance @cricrilelapinsauvage @48hourfilmproject #marseille #cinema #courtmetrage #enfin #48filma...
01 Jun, 2019
Demain annonce officielle de l’ouverture d’une nouvelle ville Française pour l’édition 2019 du 48Hfp. #cinema #realisateur #devinezou #hp @samyangfrance @why_note_events @geraldine.santin @composeitprod @alexgueryofficiel @creativemaker44 @marn...
31 May, 2019
Couldn't take part in the @48hourfilmproject Edinburgh this year, doesn't mean I still couldn't represent the brand
19 May, 2019
Gif y foto creado por el genio de @arakakifotos
26 Apr, 2019
Ça va chauffer ! réservez votre week-end #onestchaud #cinema #courtmetrage #filmmakers #france #realisateur #48hfp #48filma #filmfestival
12 Apr, 2019
Parte del elenco de "Carlitos"
09 Apr, 2019
El back de "Carlitos". Terminamos de filmar a las 5 de la mañana y el genio de @arakakifotos con su magia saco esta foto!.
09 Apr, 2019
Carlitos concentrado
05 Apr, 2019
Une seule date à retenir : le week-end du 4 au 6 Octobre. #48filma #courtmetrage #calendrier2019 #realisateur #france #petitchat #flerken
26 Mar, 2019
It’s been about a week since making memories in Florida, and watching this extraordinary Cleveland team take the stage for “Two for Twenty.” I’m eager to await the next film endeavors you embark upon. ✨✨
18 Mar, 2019
So, my gorgeous mug is on the Filmapalooza page of FestiVault! I mean, there is a better picture of me from the short ('The Big Pop' from Edinburgh) , I'm sure, but hey I'm not complaining
18 Mar, 2019
Check out all the drama, comedy, horror, and action of our top 48HFP films in this trailer from @Festivault. Only two more days to see these films online as they screened at Filmapalooza! #48HFP #48filma #filma2019
18 Mar, 2019
O nosso produtor Ricardo Mendes esteve presente no Filmapalooza 2019 (Orlando, EUA). Aqui, na companhia do Fundador do @48hourfilmproject, Mark Ruppert, exibindo o troféu que será entregue à Black.Art (equipa que venceu Lisboa'2018). Para o ano serão você...
16 Mar, 2019
A BLACK.ART venceu a edição passada do 48HFP Lisboa com a sua curta 'Refém'; filme que nos representou no Filmapalooza 2019 (Orlando, EUA). Para eles, será o 3. ano consecutivo a arriscar neste projecto único. E vocês, de que estão à espera?! #48hfplisboa...
16 Mar, 2019
Accepting our city winner award at #filmapalooza2019 @dr_boffa attempts to break the internet. #48filma
13 Mar, 2019
Whoa look at this cool backdrop...might as well take a picture haha #48filma #filmapalooza #edgenfilms #orlando #48hfp
12 Mar, 2019
Filmapalooza in Orlando was amazing! Got to meet so many incredible filmmakers from around the world! It was so cool to represent Houston at this event and I hope I make it to next year’s Filmapalooza! #48filma #filmapalooza #litfilms
12 Mar, 2019