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Glitch City Radio - Episode 4: Sustainability (Adriel Wallick)
Brendon(@BlendoGames) returns for an interview with Adriel(@MsMinotaur), where we learn about breakfasts, trains, rockets, and more. Levi(@thatraincoat) ...
11 Jan, 2019
1THING Sustainability Initiative
12 Apr, 2018
Z- Radio Sustainability
treball de sintesi sostenibilitat.
16 Jun, 2017
Wind power car Wind power through car run. Without petroleum fuels car run. More speed compare to other power vehicle. More efficiency compare to other ...
05 Jun, 2017
Are Vancouver event sponsors again requiring sustainability climate change for kids
Review Vancouver's sustainability and climate change education entertainment, performing at Maple Ridge Fairs, Canada Day festivals, the Metro Vancouver ...
30 Mar, 2017
Wellington Sustainability
Sustainability is inherent in Wellington, Florida's vision and mission and in its role as a steward of the public's resources and trust. This Public Service ...
15 Dec, 2015
The Wintergreen Gorge Sustainability Plan PSA
SUST 200 freshman students Dan Kilmer, Kati Piger, Stephanie Balsalmo, and Ean Lee created this public service announcement discussing the future of the ...
01 May, 2014
Balloon Racer Project 2014
During our Force & Motion unit of study, students were asked to design and build a race car that would be powered by nothing more than a simple 9-inch balloon ...
04 Apr, 2014
Sustainability for Dummies (not pointing at any Conservatives or anything)
Recycle anything... store wind power... define what Sustainability is... that's what we do on todays show! We're about solutions that actually work (as opposed to ...
09 Mar, 2013
Wind Powered Chair
Even if the wind isn't blowing, the batteries (charged by wind-power) let you get where you're going.
17 Nov, 2012
My Wind Power vehicle
This is the my vehicle caring 6.5 kg load and cover the distance of 2 meter in 47 sec...against the standred table fan... it is the vedio of the project compitition ...
04 Sep, 2012
Wind Powered Vehicle - Test for nominal payload / speed ratio
Wind Powered vehicle carrying 5kg payload along a 2 metre track in approx 22 sec.
25 May, 2011
Wind-powered electric car conquers Nullabor
An electric car recharged by a wind turbine and guided by kites has completed a 5000 kilometre journey across Australia.
14 Feb, 2011
Elon University Sustainability PSA 2
A short PSA to promote sustainability on Elon University's campus.
15 Oct, 2010
Good Dirt Radio Reports on Ideas and Tools for Sustainability!
This video offers a glimpse of what Good Dirt Radio does, who we are and where our passions lie for helping educate folks with practical, money and energy ...
11 Jun, 2010
TRANSLOGIC Episode 2.4
In TRANSLOGIC 2.4 Caitlin tries her hand at automotive design and then we head to Detroit for a demonstration of Honda's U3-X personal transportation ...
07 Jun, 2010
Enviornmental Sustainability public service announcement
Millennium Development Goal #7 is to Ensure Environmental Sustainability. This public service announcement focuses upon the performance indicators of: 7.1 ...
28 Apr, 2010
Green Events are Better Events, Draft 1
Do you appreciate green events? Have a comment you'd like to add? This is a working draft, so contact us, it's still growing!
11 Mar, 2010
Lumeneo Smera new electric car
21 Feb, 2010
Sustainability PSA - FYS
This is a PSA about sustainability that my group made for our Freshman Seminar class at Belmont University.
12 Nov, 2009

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